Tourist Photography

  • man mimicking a painting at the  Rijksmuseum,cAmsterdamcNetherlands.  rembrandt
  • Cold was museum Berlin germany
  • Gumball marchines at exit point Istanbul turkey at Basilica Cistern or Cisterna Basilica
  • parrot and tourist in new zealand
  • Cross from the air
  • chez lunge chairs in croatiaa
  • Garbage in bags on street in Rome
  • _DSC1000.jpg
  • religious book store in rome italy
  • statue in meseum rome
  • Pool with flowing raft in Barbados
  • Casa Batllo at night  Gaudi
  •  Casa Batllo   Gaudi  straicase
  • _Z3G3062-copy.jpg
  • auckland new zealand harbor retired america cup  on display
  • solar panels at winery in new zealand
  •  German Museum of Technology roof  Douglas C-47 Skytrain
  • Church in spurwink cape Elizabeth Maine
  • SUNKEN sail boat charges e Cessna park Santa  rosa beach flordia
  • Cactus covered with styrofoam cups in winter scottsdale arizona
  • tail of Piaggio P.180 Avanti at PWM

Citizens of the world, unite, and bring a camera. These experiments with composition, dimension and content are a perfect excuse to get lost on purpose. Call it travel photography or just souvenirs — these shots represent a worldly vision as well as a quirky take on the travel, from the high to the lowly, from exotic locales to unpretentious street corners. I’ve provided photos that interact with the world from the perspective of a wandering heart, no scouting necessary — just the willing to see things as they are. The lesson? Take to the streets and let life come to you.