Professional Studio & Location Photographer

  • Construction  site in Manhatten
  • Kids at snack time Photoshoot of kids gone wrong yielding this image
  • In the bathroom strikes and polkadots  Kleenex justapo
  • Dog Flight Boston B&W street photography 1970 nineteen  seventies
  • Guy with a tie at a party light show
  • American light flag on a truck keep on trucking
  • Map of United States Map of America USA B&W Photo photogpahy
  • The liberty bell and kids with 3D glasses Only in America
  • Woman playing bocci Silhouette profile portrait  B&W photo.
  • Football goal post Yarmouth Maine High School track late at night
  • Blue mountains  Very early morning somewhere in New Zealand  abstract color photo
  • Building as I saw it Abstract color fine art photo
  • Late night lonely blockhead 1962 Ford flacon futura late night
  • Caters taking a break and shooting hoops
  • David Byrne's American Utopia at the Hudson theatre new york city

Commercial & Fine Art Photography

Welcome to Warren Roos Photography. I work in commercial photography letting me do my fine art work.

On location or in my Maine daylight studio, I work with local and national clients on advertising, food and editorial photography projects. My advertising and commercial work involves product photography, lifestyle images, images for stock libraries, and environmental portraits of people. I'll color outside the lines injecting humor, juxtaposition, what ever it takes to make evocative images making you look good. We have fun and we'll listen to the music you like....well maybe not gamelan music.

If you are seeking an experienced professional and a local commercial and editorial photographer for your shoot, please take a look at my recent work and feel free to contact me at my South Portland, Maine studio. Looking for a specific photograph? Let me know.

Please take a glimpse at a recent photography shoot completed on behalf of a Maine Fortune 500 company.

Fun fact;; Ansel Adams worked as a commercial photographer.

Hard fact; The pandemic has frozen me and I miss those I love to be with on and off the set.