Squiggely Wiggely


  • Man reading newspaper in Berlin sidewalk caffe
  • Marble floor of Pantheon in Rome
  • Sultan Ahmet Camii  Blue Mosque interior
  • enclosed bicycle tuk tuk in Berlin at night
  • private dinging room in Fig and Olive  restaurant in Chicago
  • Blue mosque interior
  • Blood test tubes vials in Davis Califorina
  • Christmas tree at rosemary beach floradia
  • Flying into Pheonix at night
  • yes no maybe
  • Underground walkway at chair airport United’s B and C concourses at Chicago O’Hare. neon sculpture/artist Michael Hayden
  • England France Spain somewhere builtins at night
  • squiggly wiggely
  • new zealalnd
  • Sydney Opera House at night
  • Foreign Cinema restruanjt hall way in san Francisco califirona
  • urinals  in Irish pub
  • star light in a store in upcountry maui hawaii
  • german museum of technology berlin
  • Gates at nigh into Alys Beach
  • King diner in colorado springs
  • The Ogden Museum of Southern Art is located in the Warehouse Arts District of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • woman having a coffee in new olrenas the jitters
  • A7403844 copy.jpg

Surreal, otherworldly, artistic visions result from a simple play of light on these visually striking art photos. A motion blur effect creates the feeling of movement even in static images. This pleasing aesthetic quality is found in a variety of settings where the beauty of a cathedral or the urban diaspora takes the observer in new, stirring directions.