Photographing Spaces

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  • Men's room in SF MOMA
  • ceiling in Twist by Pierre Gagnaire ib the former Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
  • bed in bed room half eaten peach megaphone
  • striae well in hotel in Croatia
  • entrance to building at bowdoin college maine
  • men working in a window in store in rome
  • two chairs study in Colorado Srings red blue
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  • _DSC4683.jpg
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  • _DSC5387.jpg
  • _DSC5628.jpg
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  • _Q1H0273.jpg
  • _Z3G8520.jpg
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  • L1060548.jpg

Elaborate or simple, a good photograph shows space for what it is – an architecturally designated area that contains and is permeable, an enclosed space that both exposes and conceals. Whether inhabited by people, objects, or nothing at all, these photos show humble and ornate spaces in a brand, new light.