Photographing Roads

  • Ford Bronco in Santa Rosa Beach Flordia Blue Mountain Road
  • tire tracks in snow boulder colorado
  • toy poodle in messy car
  • metal lunch box in car seat in old cop car
  • waiting area at truck stop
  • rest area Pensacola flordia I10
  • brickwork scottsdale arizona
  • Iced up windshield Nashua new hampshire
  • Frost on windshield
  • parking lot at night mayo brothers hospital scottsdale az
  • Truck from movie cars Maine route 201
  • Maine route 201 auto junkyard sign
  • old wooden car and wooden sire board  in  Pomona California
  • Old truck Maui Hawaii upcountry
  • Les Îles de la Madeleine harve maison
  • reflections in courtyard monjoy heights Portland Maine
  • Decorated bycycke in Berlin and some fine legs on a woman getting into a minivan
  • Light up car maryland USA
  • marge Simpson in hight heel boot  portland maine
  • i drew a Heart on hood of car in Boston newborn st
  • Bike on pole at night in new orleans  gravier and  Tchoupitoulas Street
  • Volvo 122 interior
  • Barrels Outside outback Mass MoCa
  • Night drive on causeway to harve aubert  les les de la madeleine
  • Old truck outskirts of boulder colorada

Plumb the depths of global life and you’ll find roads beneath your tires, if not your feet. There is beauty in asphalt, in vehicles, and in the respites along the way. Whatever is road-worthy, whatever gets you from A to B, you can take a closer look at them here. Experience America’s love affair with the road — then follow my lead and go a little further.