Observed Photography

  • Cold war museum Berlin Germany
  • Graint Gun handgun art Berlin Germany
  • Hallyway in Teatro alla Scala la scala opera house
  • stripped off cloths after long bike ride
  • Flea market in ROME Italy
  • HEMESphere Design steam iron joe Hemes
  • artists workbench somewhere in rome Italy
  • cliff diving Magdalen Islands Îles de la Madeleine quebec canada
  • Kid Astronaut waiving downright scary
  • Horse Magdalen Islands Les Îles de la Madeleine by Glassware Medusa La Méduse
  • Three mopeds cape Elizabeth maine at kettle cove
  • Super bowl halftime show
  • Fire in daytime in a washing machine  tub atop a lawnmower iles de la madeleine harve aubert one of lives great mysteries
  • car show by Maule Air Inc in  moultrie Georgia kid looking at tires miffie holiday in backreound
  • Old decaying boat in santa rosa beach Flodia
  • Mops and a mop heard Jack Roos in Barbados
  • Birdhouse at the dump in Cape Elizabeth Maine
  • Waggons at farmers market in portland maine
  • Bedding on floor
  • painted table at a restaurant iles de la madeleine

Developing an eye for photographic observation means having a skill for storytelling – what captivates? What connects? What is powerful? It’s all in knowing the value of witnessing the world around us. Whether on the street, via portraits, or with an authorial angle on still life, enjoy the value of observation displayed in these widely diverse photos.