Mother Earth

  • A mountain lake some where in southern Ireland
  • Fishing Kayak ashore in Blue Mountain Beach in the panhandle of flordia
  • fucking fantastic  Black and white photo of many differs types of clouds over the panhandle of Flordia B&W
  • Giant thunder head cloud Magdalen Islands Îles de la Madeleine harve mason Quebec small working lighthouse
  • tripping out again inMagdalen Islands Îles de la Madeleine harve aubert Quebec
  • House chimney left after California Wildfire between Mt. Baldy ski area and Pomona
  • Suicide Lincoln car destroyed in California wildfire somewhere near San Bernardino
  • Alien antennas splashed up in the surf at a retaining wall. Happens all the time. I know, right?
  • Colored and striped lucky Rocks in the water at a secret location in  les Îles de la Madeleine
  • Tangled kite string in a sunset photo looking west in Avon North Carolina aka Cape Hatteras
  • Damaged and burnout hills from a wildfire near Los Angeles California
  • Caterpillar track in the sand in Grafton Beach Florida
  • close up photograph of a saguaro cactus in pphenix Arizona
  • Sculpted tree in Seaside Florida panhandle
  • Bead bird
  • Sand formations on the Intercostal waterway in the panhandle of Florida
  • Leftover and abandoned hay stacks in Davis California
  • Downpour on the beach in the panhandle of flordia
  • Mesquite tress in-spring time in scottsdale Arizona color photo
  • Ficus Trees roots at the Allerton Garden Kaua`i Hawaii kauai National Tropical Botanical Garden

Sometimes it just makes good sense to shut up and let Mother Earth speak. What better way to listen than through the stunning images she presents to us? The natural world communicates in uncanny ways. Photographing the landscape and its inhabitants has provided me with a surprisingly affecting record of the world around us.