Critters: Animal, Pet & Creature Photography

  • Sleeping ridgeback dog on stairs in les iles de madeleine quebec sunlight
  • Monster on a pickup tuck in Flordia memorial for diane
  • on the ferry to les iles de madeleine quebec CMTA vaction sleeping dog on deck
  • Car dealership in Pheonix  Arizona Huge Sale savings gaint inflatable blue gorilla
  • Ridgeback puppy eating brussels sprouts
  • Dog training of ridgeback puppy General Mills Cheerios Cereal bowl
  • After you. vicious blood man-eating dog dogs private property do not enter Miami Florida. warning
  • Horses  in Havre Aubert Magdalen Islands Îles de la Madeleine Québec, Canada
  • Hi how are you Austin Texas Mural  frog painting created by musician Daniel Johnston embodies the spirit of Austin.
  • Ridgeback puppy sitting on her older brother's head in Havre Aubert Les Îles  de la Madeleine, Quebec canada
  • Draw full of wild animals only $1.50 Gorilla antelope The forks Maine
  • Dog in car  with cone of shame in Mississippi
  • Shop window in Paris France Smurf  loving capital of the world Smurfette  Papa Smurf  Hefty Smurf Brainy Smurf Grouchy Smurf Clumsy Smurf Greedy Smurf Jokey Smurf Chef Smurf Vanity Smurf Grandpa Smurf Baby  Gargamel Azrael Hogatha  Chlorhydris Balthazar
  • Dog in New Zealand  winter cold frozen freezing
  • weinheimer in warren roos photo studfio
  • Elk notebook or journal in a shop in savannah Georgia
  • Mr potato head on a Delta jet bridge in atlanta georgia have a nice flight
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog
  • Bull dogs  on porch in NOLA New Orleans street fence french quarter
  • two dogs in backseat
  • Ridgeback bitch email dog wanting a treat food adoring

What captures the heart like a sleeping dog or a bipedal google-eyed amphibian? An eye for unusual creatures in their naturally unusual environments is at the heart of these critter photographs. Found photos of man’s best friend are alongside the wild creatures that lurk around us, their humor and curiosity placed in wonderful relief.