People Photography for Advertising

  • shriner clown for editorial photoshoot
  • Commercial bakery Pâtisserie Hélène des iles Hélène Des Iles Les Îles de la Madeleine Quebec fraise strawberry
  • Models as mother and daughter for a Smoking cessation adverting campaign
  • Master Jeweler Edith Armstrong Folia Portland old port
  • Tibetan spaniel and owner on dock
  • Young SIMA CUNNINGHAM  portoirt
  • Claude Prevost Bonnie Major sons family portrait dog
  • Making artisanal cheese in Vermont advertising photoshoot
  • Curious editorial photo photograph on location
  • editorial photo photograph on location and in studio playful
  • Birthday girl with flowers mother in law
  • Bank President rowing a skiff in Camden harbor for a annual report photoshoot
  • Troy Brown Jason Varitek  Ray Bourque for TD BankNorth advertsing photoshoot
  • Dad and Kids for Hannaford Brothers Company stock photo library
  • B&W image of kids for advertising campaign from a location photoshoot
  • Dentist for commercial adverting photoshoot
  • Ski wear clothing adverting photoshoot for Sunday River
  • Boy in his room
  • Young superman pajamas and game portrait

On the Job, Outdoors, Candids, Portraits & Enviormental Portraits

Ad photos featuring people are the foundation of corporate collateral when businesses need to focus on the interpersonal. Ad layouts and glossies win an audience when they catch people just being themselves. From candid shots to portraiture, the photographer captures all the best moments of life. Warren Roos Photography advertising photography shows people at work, outside, and in natural environments to communicate and encapsulate a moment and help you say what you want to say.