Food & Drink Editorial Photography

  • L1010854.jpg
  • waiter with coffee and beignets at  Cafe Du Monde French Market
  • purple new potatoess
  • Sliced up onions and carrots on a photo set
  • Copper pots and pans collection
  • Squash blossoms Blue berries farmers  market Portland Maine
  • Dining room table in cape elizabeth maine. fiesta ware plates
  • Cappichinni made by Warren Roos  in bowl next to mortice and pestle
  • Blue berries farmers  market Portland Maine
  • edvard munch the scream orange peal
  • blue toothpick on yellow plate
  • Waiter with a try full of drinks
  • Green food coloring in milk nice pattern
  • homemade Strawberry tarte iles les iles de la madeleine
  • Green egg smoking meat
  • Making cheese FROMAGERIE DU PIED DE VENT les iles de la madeline
  • ROAST PIG IN OVEN Simone Scalas cook
  • Roasted chestnuts on Rome Street
  • Dried fish in Istanbul turkey
  • After coffee break in Rome  Italy Piazza della Rotonda
  • mustard squirt figure
  • ice cream getting scooped

Delightful Dishes for Magazine, Ad, or Business Collateral

A dish that pops, a sparely set table with natural attraction — these examples of Food and Drink editorial photography show an eye for just the right angle and just the right light for their edible displays, styled for the hungry eye. Beautiful and sometimes idiosyncratic, these shoots illustrate how simple perfection suits the glossiest layout, whether magazine, ad, or stunning collateral.

Need to hire a Maine-based food photographer and an advertising editorial pro? Ask me to shoot for you.